About Us

Crown Jewelry and Time is a family-owned and operated business based out of Maple Grove, MN that specializes in evaluating and purchasing pre-owned jewelry, coins, diamonds, watches and various other collectibles. Comprised of the father-and-son partnership between Dusty and Ryan Beam, who’ve worked side by side since 2008, CJT has a deeply-rooted sense of family values that they extend upon any client they have the privilege of conducting business with.

Dusty, from a young age, had a fierce interest for anything collectible. He’d trade bottle caps for baseball cards and cards for coins; always making a deal. He eventually shaped his hobby into a business model and has been self-employed ever since. Being one of the first Midwestern “traveling buyers” in the 1980s, he’s accumulated a vast knowledge base (and stories!) that he can utilize in evaluating almost any estate presented to him. Being a numismatist, diamond grader and vintage jewelry enthusiast for decades makes Dusty a well-rounded expert in a variety of fields.

Ryan joined the now-family business in 2008, traveling alongside Pops town to town and state to state during their traveling buy events. Adding ISG and GIA credentials to his resumé, Ryan has performed over 5,000 appraisals to date for consumers, dozens of dealers pre and post-sale and for various Minnesota-based jewelers. Also, a recognized horologist and watch dealer, Ryan is the go-to for many consumers and dealers alike whether selling, buying, appraising or servicing a pre-owned watch.

Through the years, the pair have handled and purchased a mind-boggling volume of items of all descriptions; gaining expertise every step of the way. 2016 saw their first brick-and-mortar location in Wayzata, MN where they continued to purchase valuables from estates and dealers alike all while adding and refining full watch and jewelry services, insurance appraisal services and took a firm grasp on the local pre-owned watch market. 2020 was a year of evolution and growth. CJT closed their Wayzata doors and officed within a long-standing jewelry store in Elk River, MN. This allowed CJT to adapt and adjust to the fast-moving markets, further honing their Rolex, diamond and preowned jewelry retail capabilities.

In May 2021 they parted ways with Elk River and reopened their standalone offices in Maple Grove, MN. Centrally-located and accessible to the greater Twin Cities area CJT is poised to make a splash in the preowned watch market and facilitate estate liquidation needs large or small.

“We’ve found, over time, that the best business is honest business. Treat everyone like family and all parties walk away with a good deal and recommend future business to you. It’s about the long-term.”

-Dusty Beam, Co-Owner Crown Jewelry and Time

Company History


Dusty Brings His Passion to Business

Having loved trading anything collectible from a young age, Dusty founds his own business.  He travels the greater Midwest area hosting his own events buying jewelry, coins, diamonds, watches and collectibles all while supporting a growing family.


Ryan Joins The Company

Officially, it's a family business. The pair eventually become partners in 2014 and continue to travel and buy, working with thousands of people and transacting millions of dollars side by side.  Father and son living the American Dream.



Wayzata Shop Opens

Dusty and Ryan buy AAA Watches in Wayzata for their first brick and mortar location.  While adding insurance appraisals and the first inklings of watch specialties their local roots were planted.  The business took on many tasks and challenges during this period, working in areas they never had before.  Learning general and their local markets in many regards. 


Elk River Office Opens

At the start of 2020 it was decided to close the Wayzata mall location and office within an Elk River jewelry store. Maintaining access to their target retail watch and jewelry sale demographics, CJT honed their industry network, knowledge and methods during the next 18 months.


Maple Grove Office Opens

Time to return to the fold.

Selecting an accessible, central location the company expanded their reach and awareness into the Twin Cities market.  Offering a preferable experience to their clients, both selling preowned watches and buying preowned jewelry, the company flourished. 



The company made many improvements and upgrades. None as important as welcoming Chris Watkins to the family. Truly built for the flexible style of business with a strong aptitude for watches, Chris was integral to the constant growth.

The company expanded headquarters, built an online showcase of inventory within this website, utilized and structured multiple social media advertising routes and increased efficiency across all outlets. 

Looking forward to the next milestone