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With the demand for watches continuously increasing, you need to ask yourself what's the value of what you currently own?  You may be pleasantly surprised.
We are the highest-paying professional buyers for watches in Minnesota.  With a strong specialization in Rolex, we will evaluate any brand or model, modern or vintage, running or not, free of charge and make an immediate offer to purchase.



You can be sure to receive a fair, accurate and transparent assessment. 

We prefer to explain our reasoning to our pricing.  There are many factors we consider before making an offer. Not all watches are created equal and some can be very special.

We service all makes we buy, prior to retailing them, meaning we will accurately consider a watch's future performance; also factored into our final offer.

Crown Jewelry and Time is a retailer of pre-owned watches. This allows us to be competitive in the prices we pay on high-dollar examples.  You may have a watch in your possession that we’ve already presold to a prospective buyer and are simply waiting for it to walk into our office.

Your time is valuable to us. Allow us to earn your pre-owned watch business.


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